Don’t Rely on Others to Tell You About Sugar

Do you need somebody else to tell you how to look at holistic nutrition? We have a sort of love-hate relationship with our authorities. On the one hand, we like to complain about how government “gets into everything,” while on the other hand we expect the various agencies and departments to keep us on the straight and narrow and safe from harm of any kind. What we really need to do is take responsibility for our own actions and understand that we should not rely on others to advise us what we should or should not consume. Fundamentally, each one of us is responsible for our health and should be able to take informed decisions when it comes to shopping for foods that are likely to help us live long and prosper.

In almost every facet of society we can see powerful forces at work, often fueled by vested interests, lobbying groups and those who do not necessarily have the consumer’s interest at heart. It seems that the more money is involved, the more powerful forces are exerted to try and impose a solution, standard, product or service when simple common sense might dictate otherwise. This is true in the food industry as much as anywhere else and you may not be happy to realize that your sugar addiction is being fed by such pressures.

Whenever an addiction (obvious or apparent) is possible, the worst side of consumerism rears its head. If there is more money to be made simply because consumers “have to have” a certain item, then it will be provided. Manufacturers find a variety of different ways to provide us with sugar, sometimes out of necessity but many times out of excess. In some cases, sugar is often added to processed foods to help in preservation though, as otherwise they would have a much shorter shelf life and would not be so practical.

If you do not see evidence of the word sugar on one of those labels you are checking out, remember that the product can come in many different forms and anything ending with the letters “ose,” (like glucose, fructose) should give you a clue. Also be aware that certain sugar substitutes such as high fructose corn syrup can have the same addictive effect and as these ingredients may carry fewer restrictions they can be even more apparent.

The politics of power and the influence of the major manufacturers and importers should never be underestimated. Even though the administration does quite a good job of steering us in the right direction, understand that you need to be responsible for your holistic health solutions and not rely on others to tell you what to do. Remember all that you have read about the dangers of sugar addiction and focus all the time on holistic nutrition.

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